Touching my heart

14 Dec

Did absolutely nothing with the site last night and was going through serious withdrawals. My computer was “in the shop” being backed up and reformatted to fix a disk error, so it was an excruciating night. Not the company, mind you, since my business partners were my guests, and we had a lovely evening eating tacos and discussing Shakespeare and high school drama. But there were so many times I just wanted to grab the laptop and look something up, or check my email, or just do something! Ah, I think I need to unplug once in a while.

This morning I was overwhelmed with 3 more emails from dear Flickr users saying I could use their photos on the site AND that they loved the Blanket Statement idea. That just touches my heart because as one who is overcoming that serious lack of self confidence, I just assume that whatever I’m thinking is wrong and bound to fail. I’m trying to get away from that automatic assumption and rely on only myself for my value and self worth, but gotta say, it sure is nice to hear from others that I’m not crazy! I do have good ideas!

And honestly, I hope for the good of all that the website is a great success. It is just a little thing, really, blankets. But to me, they embody that spirit of warmth and comfort and acceptance and love and just the feeling that everything will be ok.

I’ve been needing that for a long time.


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