It’s the day after…

26 Dec

It’s been a busy holiday season. Juggling kids, work, shopping, worrying, and of course, working on this new venture!

The day before, I was working on securing some shelters to work with. I have identified 4 in my area alone that do wonderful work. I emailed, realizing, of course, that it was the day before and I likely wouldn’t hear anything until next week. Bu low and behold – I heard back from one already. Will contact them next week and get the ball rolling on filling out the resource area with some contacts!

Let’s see…in other business, I think I finally figured out the shopping cart (or bag in my case) buttons. I *think* I have it the way I want it for the first blanket item. Now the goal is to get the rest of the buttons made and working. And to decide if I need to trim down the blanket selection. I do so wish I have a huge bank roll to work with and could stock all the blankets and have immediate access to them. But as it is, I probably spent too much of my Christmas money on obtaining blanket stock as it is.

So here I am working on the webpages some more. Finalizing the shopping system, updating footers, fleshing out other pages, etc. I also received my paper order a few days ago. Really looking forward to working with the kraft cardstock and make up some more card samples. Also need to look at business card designs, and press kit info. You know, for when Blanket Statements really takes off!

One thing that I really wanted to focus on, and it is a long term goal, I guess, is to feature organic and USA made products. That is an important feature to me. That was part of the driving force for creating this company/business/hobby. So towards that goal, I have found the recycled kraft paper and recycled card stock to use. I am researching finding some organic ribbon to use for the ties. I have located a couple organic blankets. And some made in the USA blankets. It is my goal to help as many people with this project as I can. From USA manufacturers, to independent craftspeople, to women who just need a little comfort and support.

That is the goal. That is the purpose. One blanket at a time.

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