Almost there!

28 Dec

Moving right along. I finally got the checkout page/button issue worked out. I’m pretty confident that it is functioning now, but need to have someone buy a blanket to check it for sure! As I was working last night I came up with a whole ‘nother list of things to do. And I still need to finalize shipping details and load that info into the shopping cart. But we are darn near close now!

Getting lots of great feedback from the focus group. I’ve heard back from 7 ladies so far, and thanks for the compliments on the website. I really do love putting together websites. And welcome to the newcomers on the Facebook page. It is pretty neat to check in and see brand new people joining!

I did some stumbling around on StumbleUpon last night. Anyone use that service? I’m still trying to figure out what it is all about. Did find a video of an awesome spray paint artist on there. But not really sure if StumbleUpon will be useful for Blanket Statements. Looking into setting up a Twitter account too, although in my experience Twitter hasn’t been as useful as Facebook.

Also on my list of things to checkout: robot files, legal disclaimers, iphone site compatibility, sitemap, press releases…all that good stuff. I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff too.

Again, thanks for joining me on this journey!


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