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We’re in the news!

17 Feb

We’re on page 14 of a local weekly paper, but heck, I’ll take it! No photo either, which is kind of sad, but kind of a relief too. I’m attaching a link to a scan of the article. The online version of the paper doesn’t have the story in it yet. At least not when I checked at midnight, 2AM, 4AM, 6AM, and the rest of the waking morning hours.

Or visit the newly redesigned press page:


Social Enterprises

14 Feb

Yea! A lunch-time post!

Now that I know what kind of business we are officially classified as (don’t ask me why the lack of classification was bothering me so much) I am going to add a page to the website to feature others who are working in the same direction as we are. Kind of a sharing of the goodness in addition to a sharing of the warmth, comfort and love.  I like that. Share the goodness. If you have links to other businesses that also share the goodness, send them to me! I’d love to showcase them as well!

This first one that is prompting me to put in a new webpage is called McMaid Home Services serving Chicago and suburbs. They have teamed up with the “Cleaning for a Reason Foundation” and donate free cleanings to women undergoing cancer treatment. McMaid was named Maid Service of the Year for 2010 by donating more free cleanings that any of the other 820 partner maid services in the US and Canada. Click to Like them on Facebook and they will donate a dollar to the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. They also have a special offer for $25 off any service on their Facebook page.

Also check out this great article about them in the Chicago SunTimes.

Special note: this business is owned by one of my high school classmates, Jeff Lange, and his mom. Jeff was a drummer in high school and we were in band together. I am especially thrilled to be able to promote his business and wish him all the luck in the world in his social enterprise endeavors.

Way to go Jeff and mom! Way to go!

Visit McMaid:


Visit Cleaning for a Reason:


Visit the new Blanket Statements Share the Goodness webpage:

How neat is this?

11 Feb

Ok, so the newspaper thingamabob description in my previous post was really bugging me. I had to know what they were called and for some reason “Newspaper Box” escaped me earlier. But in doing my in-depth research (read: Google) to discover what the heck those thingamabobbers were called, I ran across this awesome invention:

I must have one. (It’s a gas grill for the odd-invention-spotting challenged.) Not sure why though since today’s home cooked meal consisted of frozen pizza (almost set the timer for 10 hours – that would have been bad) and a plate of French fries. No wonder all the kids love me.

The First Interview

11 Feb

Lake County Journal


What a day! I was contacted yesterday by a reporter from a local paper who I had sent a press release to a few weeks ago. Actually I was starting to give up on the online press release route. I was beginning to think that the snail mail press kit might be the way to go. Even bought my recycled catalog envelopes and was ready to start licking stamps. But then the call came! Woot!

So within 24 hours we were contacted and interviewed! I popped over to the newspaper office (took an early lunch from the day job) for the interview since I can’t really *do* phones. On the phone I’m really just guessing what people are saying, and that wouldn’t be so good for something as important as this!

So, me, being the goof that I am, ran over there camera in hand so I could snap a photo of the outside of the newspaper building to commemorate the event. Yes, I am that much of a dork. But it was pretty cool! Being interviewed, that is. I’ve never been interviewed before so I was totally not sure what to expect. I brought a press kit, and samples of the two cards that go on the blankets. Didn’t even think to bring the blankets! Doh! But I am now the proud owner of a reporter’s business card! That’s going up on my wall at home.

Anyway, the important stuff: the article should be in the Feb. 17th edition of the Lake County Journal. Visit the very, very nice people at the Lake County Journal here. They also have little newspaper dispensers all over the place in Lake County, IL. And if you’d like a copy and don’t live near one of those cute little red newspaper dispenser thingamabobs I’d be more than happy to snag one and mail it to ya! In a recycled catalog envelope, doncha know.

AND, get this…my newly found reporter friend said he would contact the McHenry County Journal people and see if they might be able to accompany me when I go to deliver the first stack of blankies to the shelter in Woodstock. I am heading out there next Friday since my girlie girl is off school. I’m taking some comp time from the day job and the girlie and I are going on our first delivery run. I am going to have her take some video in hopes that we can put together a little video promo. Any way to get the word out. I would love to see blankies everywhere! For everyone who needs some comfort. And warmth.

Blankies for ALL, I say.

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