Social Enterprises

14 Feb

Yea! A lunch-time post!

Now that I know what kind of business we are officially classified as (don’t ask me why the lack of classification was bothering me so much) I am going to add a page to the website to feature others who are working in the same direction as we are. Kind of a sharing of the goodness in addition to a sharing of the warmth, comfort and love.  I like that. Share the goodness. If you have links to other businesses that also share the goodness, send them to me! I’d love to showcase them as well!

This first one that is prompting me to put in a new webpage is called McMaid Home Services serving Chicago and suburbs. They have teamed up with the “Cleaning for a Reason Foundation” and donate free cleanings to women undergoing cancer treatment. McMaid was named Maid Service of the Year for 2010 by donating more free cleanings that any of the other 820 partner maid services in the US and Canada. Click to Like them on Facebook and they will donate a dollar to the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. They also have a special offer for $25 off any service on their Facebook page.

Also check out this great article about them in the Chicago SunTimes.

Special note: this business is owned by one of my high school classmates, Jeff Lange, and his mom. Jeff was a drummer in high school and we were in band together. I am especially thrilled to be able to promote his business and wish him all the luck in the world in his social enterprise endeavors.

Way to go Jeff and mom! Way to go!

Visit McMaid:


Visit Cleaning for a Reason:


Visit the new Blanket Statements Share the Goodness webpage:


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