Not such a good day…

3 Mar

Was admonished by a friend today to grow up and get my act together in regards to my personal life. I dunno…admonishment never really goes over good with me. I know the sentiment was in the best of intentions, but I take it as a reprimand, a reminder of all of those nasty grams that thrive in my head. Stupidity, failure, badness, all of that stuff. But I suppose the effort paid off, I now have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for next week, and more importantly an appointment with an attorney tomorrow.

That means an evening of going through paperwork, finances, and an afternoon with the soon 2b ex tomorrow. I will just be so glad when this is all over. Will I indeed be a grown up then?

Back to sorting and licking my wounds.

P.S. Did you vote today? It is free and a great way to spread the word and share the warmth!


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