7 Mar

For those of you not in the know…I am afraid of squirrels. I know, I know, how could that be…squirrels are all cute and fuzzy with those adorable beady little eyes. And perhaps if they all wore little aviator hats like Rocky they wouldn’t be quite so terrifying. But due to a childhood trauma, I developed an insane fear of squirrels.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Sitting in bed with the kids on a Saturday morning I noticed a squirrel on the railing of the back deck. He had a branch in his mouth. He approached my gas grill. HE WENT INTO MY GAS GRILL! Oh, the humanity. I have a squirrel living in my grill. So we sat and watched in horror (ok, it was entertaining for the kids) as the squirrel made his way back and forth across the deck alternately destroying nature, and then depositing said nature into my grill. This went on for quite a while, only stopping because I knocked a can off the grill stand with a really long stick so I could capture better quality video. Squirrel retreated to the trees, and I, being the insane but otherwise very nice person that I am, threw an English muffin out there as a peace offering.

Cut to this past weekend. Having not seen the squirrel in a while (mainly because I haven’t been home for long periods of time to observe the squirrel in his now-natural gas grill surroundings) I decided to camp out and look for the little nasty. No sign of him. No little footprints in the dusting of snow we got over night. It might be safe. Perhaps we scared the vermin away for good. Although there was a nagging thought…the English muffin was no where to be seen.

This weekend I had all the kids at my house including the daughter’s boyfriend. Boyfriend, who is fondly referred to as “Gibby” in our house, and the boy decided to don oven mitts and big stick and flashlight and at 10 o’clock at night see if the squirrel is in deed still in residence in the grill. So they cautiously tip toe out the sliding door (I of course, have to see this from a safe distance) and slowly lift open the grill top. THE ENTIRE GRILL IS FILLED TO CAPACITY WITH BRANCHES AND LEAVES! And after a couple moments….a squirrel head pops out of the mess.

Needless to say, grill lid is dropped and everyone runs away screaming. So goes the adventures at my house. I think the squirrel needs a code-name. Anyone have any ideas??

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