The good, the bad, and the ugly

9 Mar

Did you ever hear that nursery rhyme/song “Monday’s Child?” I’m pretty sure I was born on a Wednesday. And being that it is Wednesday, I’m kind of not surprised by my quick spiral into a down mood. Didn’t start out a bad day…but not ending so good. I’m always interested in trying to figure out where things start to go awry, and how in the future I can best avoid doing the things I invariably do to bring about the blues.

The Good: had a good breakfast this morning! That is a rarity for me, I’ve never been a good breakfast eater…ever. My mom used to tell me to eat cake if I wanted to, just eat something. I never felt like eating in the morning. But today, I had breakfast and lovely conversation too. I was also tipped off to a website which I’ve been investigating and rather enjoying…lots of business info and lovely people sharing ideas. So that resulted in an increase in my Facebook followers and some more votes in the contest. Very good!

The bad: my day’s plans were disrupted by the cancellation of a meeting I was going to work for this evening. Work for is a rather odd way to put it….volunteer for is a much better description. It is certainly not a paid deal, and kinda something I’m not all that wild about doing, but for the betterment of my day job, I do it. Usually there is a set routine to these days…with a nice dinner, convo, setup and entertainment. (The meeting is the entertainment usually). Tonight, though, cancelled. Which means dinner is off, but I’m still stuck out here at work.

The ugly: My boy has a band concert tonight. That is a wonderful thing, but with the cancellation of the meeting (see above) that throws the band concert askew. The meeting (see above) was in the same building as the concert. At the same time, even. So my plan was to setup for the meeting (see above), and run down the hall to the concert. Watch the concert, run back to the meeting. It was all worked out. Now, not so much. My next big plan was to pick up the kids and take them to dinner in between work time and concert time. Woo-hoo! Kids are excited they get to be spared of the husband’s girlfriend, and get fast food to boot. Until I checked my bank balance. That plan suddenly went out the window. No funds. Well, there are funds, but they are slated to pay for daughter’s Advanced Placement test that needs to be paid on Friday. And I remembered paying a big chunk to the boy’s Washington trip. Thus I am wiped out until next Tuesday.

So now I am sitting here at work because I can’t go to the house with girlfriend being there, and I can’t go to my house because gas is costing me too much money. I have no money for food, had to tell children they’d have to eat food stamp food at his house, and I’m sad. Can’t seem to ever get it together! Argh.

Some days even two jobs isn’t enough. Rest assured though, Blanket Statements is standing on it’s own, and is self sustaining. Profits from Blanket Statements go right back into the business…I’m not making any money there. Wondering what else I can do…anyone need any candy bars? Websites? Perhaps I take my guitar to the corner with a paper cup??



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