Right after the pie

17 Mar


I seem to be getting into an every other day blog posting kind of routine. Yesterday was quite a day. Got my car back finally. Cost WAY too much money, but still not enough to justify scrapping it. Especially since my beloved sun roof is still operational. Made the first installment payment on the bankruptcy/divorce proceedings. Still seems oh-so-very-wrong to need to save up money to pay for bankruptcy. Sat through a board of ed meeting so contentious that it made the Los Angeles Times, if you can believe that. And we are no where near Los Angeles. We’re in Chicagoland.

Those meetings are just draining. I commentate a live video stream on the web. It is another freebie volunteer deal. And some days I really question why I do it. I am usually an emotional wreck when they are over. And the rudeness of people in the audience was just astounding. Yelling stuff out at the board. Ugh.

Also spoke with the doc today and yes, I am to come in early next week for a biopsy again. I looked up some past blogging and found out it was two years ago (almost to the day) when I was first given the pre-cancer scare. Since then I’ve been fine, but it looks like it is back again. I’m going to make an attempt to not think about it too much. It will still be several weeks before the results are in anyway.

And in other news, I’ve got a HUGE trek to make up Mt. Washmore. With all the car issues over the weekend I’ve neglected laundry time and since I have a kid-free night I’m gonna get busy on all those little chores I’ve put off.

Right after I finish off the cherry pie.

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