Greetings all!

8 Apr



Boy, I had a couple bad weeks there. I decided to take last week off from too much thinking. It was Spring Break at the day job which meant it is quieter than usual, but I had a couple big projects that kept me busy. I racked up quite a lot of extra hours at the office last week, but I did get to spend some time with the kids on their Spring Break. Not as much as I would have liked, and I would have loved to have taken them somewhere, but finances and unreliable car just didn’t allow it.

This week, though, everything is back to normal. It’s been a decent week at the day job, and a fun week online. Lots of new people on the Facebook page, lots of sharing links and looking at other people’s cool stuff. I’m enjoying that actually. I also connected with several more Flickr people and revamped the photos on the homepage. I’m hoping that everyone will have noticed that the photos change on the homepage. If you wait 2 minutes and then refresh your screen you will get a wonderful new photo! We have 30 photos set up now, and photo credits can be found on the Resources page. Please go visit the photographers’ Flickr pages…they are wonderfully talented people!

I am one of those “control freak” people who usually try to do everything myself, but in this instance, there is no way that I could match the photos found on Flickr. And I really enjoy browsing through the photos in search of *that* photo that speaks to me. They really do speak to me. In these cases I am all for giving up control and letting their photos do the speaking. Plus, I am all about the sharing…sharing the work of my new-found friends too. I am honored that they have given us permission to use their photos.

Let’s see…what else is new…oh yes, we have officially gained ON FIRE status on the StatupNation’s Leading Moms in Business competition. Only a couple weeks left of voting now…we are doing pretty well. There are over 25 other businesses in the on fire category, so obviously the votes still count. There isn’t any monetary award for this competition, merely bragging rights and exposure. Which is great. We need all the exposure we can get! Spread the word – share the warmth, I like to say!



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