Home sweet home

29 Apr

So it’s been two more weeks now. We did survive the near disaster of no money. And in looking back over the past two weeks, we did a fine job. I didn’t actually have access to my money until about 10 days. But we made it through on that little bit of actual cash I received. And I dedicated my paycheck (once it cleared) to my lawyer. Finished paying for the bankruptcy filing. And today is a new payday! Unfortunately almost all of that goes to to rent, but that is a burden I am pleased to pay.

Speaking of the rent, I was informed today that I am welcome to stay on another year. That was great to hear – me, being low self-esteem girl, did have just a tiny bit of worry that maybe my landlord wouldn’t like me, or I would have done something wrong. It was a really long and arduous adventure to find a place that would rent to me. About two years of searching, applying and being turned down time and again. It was quite disheartening. I was close to giving up. It was around that time that I did some shelter investigating. I was getting to the end of my rope. But finally I found this place. My humble abode.

And it did take some talking and almost begging and pleading to get the landlord to take a chance on me. I did make some conciliations…I couldn’t have my dog, and only one child. But I had to make it work. It felt like this was my last hope. Yet here I am, almost a year later now. I’ve said quite often that I love it here. It is home now. It is small, yet warm and homey. It is very me. Quirky. And it is mine for another year.


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