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Getting a little antsy…

23 May

Seems I am a really bad blogger lately! I used to write daily…I wrote as an emotional outlet mostly when I was upset. I guess it is a testament to how much better life is that I seem to be tongue tied. And I keep promising to write more, but it still might not happen. I’ll do what I can – it’s all I can do!

So, lately I’ve been growing a little antsy. I’ve got the itch to be doing something creative. Something more handmade creative than the Blanket Statements cards. Don’t get me wrong, Blanket Statements isn’t going anywhere…but a part of me still misses the creative outlet I had with Happy Jack Designs. I’ve been thinking of perhaps reworking HJD. I absolutely loved the time I spent creating that business, but nine months just wasn’t enough time to get it to go. I felt like I was very close to making it work though. Maybe another 6 months or so…but that was in a different time. The end of Happy Jack was actually the beginning of the end of my marriage.

For those not in the know, Happy Jack Designs was a company I started after being completely burned out of the corporate world. I left my 15 year career in corporate marketing/design and started a gift basket business. Children’s book baskets specifically and along with that I created bookmarks, buttons, notecards, and candy bar wrappers. Fun stuff. Most of my orders were for custom work, and I had an absolute blast doing it. I still get the occasional order now and then and the website has been down for 5 years. I’m thinking about resurrecting Happy Jack. I still have the name registered with the state. It’s still on my paypal and bank account. It seems it stayed around for a reason.

I do have Happy Jack Designs on Facebook already, I’m pretty sure I set up an Etsy store a while ago, and I’m surprised, but when I googled HJD I found my old old old old blog from HJ. That’s going to be fun to read later on. If you don’t mind, visit the HJD Facebook page and give me a like. Once I get to 25 likes I can activate the official FB page name.

And if you’d like to read along on some old news, check out Pumpkins are Your Friends



One blanket, three goals

3 May

I’d like to tell you a story. The story starts with a blanket. Several blankets actually, but one blanket in particular. I started Blanket Statements with three goals in mind, really. The first was to find a way to instill in other women that they were not alone in their predicament. That others have been and are going through what they are. That even if someone hasn’t been through what they have, people still care about people an awful lot. I also wanted to find a way to support American made products in an eco-friendly manner. Three goals: help women, help my country, help my planet.

In researching which blankets to offer for sale, I had a seriously difficult time finding anything made in the United States. But I have found two companies to work with. One on the east coast, and one in the south. They are companies I will detail in a later post. But I wanted to mention them, because I feel it is important. I was getting quite disheartened at how just about every blanket I found was imported from elsewhere. What happened to textile mills? What happened to the Union label?

Luckily, though, I did find two companies that manufacture in the United States using good old American labor, and utilizing earth conscious methods. Two blankets featured on Blanket Statements use yarns made with ECO2cotton. ECO2cotton is a sustainable option for many consumer and industrial products. The manufacturing process helps conserve precious natural resources and creates cotton-like fluff that can be used for stuffing or for spinning into yarns.

The ECO2Cotton process reduces incinerator and landfill use, by reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste. The cotton fibers require no new dying, saving water and adding no new pollutants. There is no land use, water irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides used to grow new cotton. Simplified manufacturing practices reduce energy and resource use. ECO2cotton is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative.

Eco-friendly blankets, made in the USA, and sold to benefit women in need. That’s what Blanket Statements is all about.

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