Getting a little antsy…

23 May

Seems I am a really bad blogger lately! I used to write daily…I wrote as an emotional outlet mostly when I was upset. I guess it is a testament to how much better life is that I seem to be tongue tied. And I keep promising to write more, but it still might not happen. I’ll do what I can – it’s all I can do!

So, lately I’ve been growing a little antsy. I’ve got the itch to be doing something creative. Something more handmade creative than the Blanket Statements cards. Don’t get me wrong, Blanket Statements isn’t going anywhere…but a part of me still misses the creative outlet I had with Happy Jack Designs. I’ve been thinking of perhaps reworking HJD. I absolutely loved the time I spent creating that business, but nine months just wasn’t enough time to get it to go. I felt like I was very close to making it work though. Maybe another 6 months or so…but that was in a different time. The end of Happy Jack was actually the beginning of the end of my marriage.

For those not in the know, Happy Jack Designs was a company I started after being completely burned out of the corporate world. I left my 15 year career in corporate marketing/design and started a gift basket business. Children’s book baskets specifically and along with that I created bookmarks, buttons, notecards, and candy bar wrappers. Fun stuff. Most of my orders were for custom work, and I had an absolute blast doing it. I still get the occasional order now and then and the website has been down for 5 years. I’m thinking about resurrecting Happy Jack. I still have the name registered with the state. It’s still on my paypal and bank account. It seems it stayed around for a reason.

I do have Happy Jack Designs on Facebook already, I’m pretty sure I set up an Etsy store a while ago, and I’m surprised, but when I googled HJD I found my old old old old blog from HJ. That’s going to be fun to read later on. If you don’t mind, visit the HJD Facebook page and give me a like. Once I get to 25 likes I can activate the official FB page name.

And if you’d like to read along on some old news, check out Pumpkins are Your Friends



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