Snarky Indecisiveness

9 Jun

I just saw a status from a friend tonight that said she wished she was little again when the hardest choice was picking a crayon color. I hear ya Deb! I have always been terribly indecisive. That is one of those life goals I’m trying to work on. Going from knowing what I “don’t” like to being able to pinpoint what it is that I “do” like. So I can make that happen. Bringing things I “do” like to me. Rather than all the other things. It is a lot of sorting through extraneous universe matter just because I can’t decide.

So tonight, I was sitting on the couch with my girlie – got the tunes cranking – and I was working on some web stuff. But I kept running across other things on the internet that were snagging my attention. And I kept coming up with things I wanted to blog about. And of course, I can’t decide which one to put up tonight and which one to save. So I’m doing them both. And it isn’t like I’m going to write anything at all profound, because quite frankly, it’s late and I gotta get to bed!

But I wanted to remind those of you in the Chicagoland area of that time when we had cows. I like cows. Always have. Black and white ones mostly, but really any cow will do. And since I am lucky enough to live in the boonies I can visit real cows on an almost daily basis. I always say hello. In a mooing sort of way. They know what I mean. I’m sure of it.

So remember the cows? I loved them! I wanted one. This one in particular. He spoke to me. I would love to be able to paint one. I actually thought of trying to make myself a giant fiberglass squirrel that I could decorate with acorns. Just to piss off the real squirrels. It would be like a trojan horse but on a squirrel kind of level.

And when I was looking for the photo of the cow that I loved in Chicago I ran across this pic, which I’m pretty sure is going to become my laptop desktop wallpaper. I am enamored with eyeballs for some reason. Grosses out the people I work with. Which gives me that snarky kind of satisfaction. That while naked chickens may gross me out entirely, eyeballs, on the other hand are awesome.

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