Getting back something I had lost

18 Jun

Well friends, I have made the leap into getting Happy Jack Designs back online. I was able to figure out how to do it tonight, so the uploading has begun! Granted, the designs aren’t there, nor the cart, but the “heart” of Happy Jack is back.

And it is kind of strange how good I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, Blanket Statements isn’t going anywhere. And don’t be surprised if in the near future Lulu’s Toys makes a reappearance too! I think this is the culmination of getting back something I felt I had lost. And I wasn’t done grieving over this either. It needed to make a come back as I’m beginning to feel more like myself again.

I think it is all part of the closing of one chapter and starting another. I’ve been separated for almost a year now. Still no where near closer to a divorce, but that is coming. Baby steps. But the Happy Jack story was put away unfinished. I felt like I was right on the verge of making it. I was beginning to get some national orders, people were beginning to recognize us…but it all came to an abrupt end.

And I just hated the way my life went from then on. I realized I had lost me.

This is the story of Happy Jack from the “About” page on the website. I’d be thrilled if you’d join us on the Facebook page for the time being until everything is up and running on the full website. But go there and check us out too. I’d love your feedback.

Happy Jack Designs was founded in 2004 after I left my job in corporate marketing after 15 years. I suddenly found myself at home in the middle of the day not quite sure what to do with myself. Happy Jack Designs was originally founded as a children’s book basket company – children’s books with all sorts of goodies that went along with the book packed up in an adorable basket. I had two little ones of my own back then, and loved reading, and art, and music, and all things creative, so the idea just sort of erupted.

Along with the book baskets, personalized items became a big selling feature. I had more and more requests for personalized candy bars, buttons, bookmarks. Items for birthday parties, teacher gifts, sports teams, theater performances, the list goes on and on. I would say that the vast majority of the business became the personalized items that you see today.

In the fall of 2005, after a mere 9 months in business and with the business on the verge of taking off, I was forced back to work full-time. I joined our local school district in the technology department and also worked a second close to full time job at the local Target store. Going from that glorious year of spending all my time on developing the Happy Jack Designs business to working 18-20 hour days took an obvious toll on Happy Jack. I tried to continue completing orders during my lunch break from the day job and designing new items during my break times at Target.

As would be expected, Happy Jack Designs suffered in the end, and I basically closed up the website not long afterwards. I still did some custom work for people on an off, but for the most part, Happy Jack was gone.

Fast forward to 2011. I separated from my husband, am now on my own, with one day job, and one fabulous social enterprise on the side. But I still had that itch to restart the business I loved so in 2004. I need a creative outlet. And so, Happy Jack Designs has been reborn. We are starting with a fresh new website, but a lot of the old designs. New goodies will be coming soon, as we begin a new chapter in Happy Jack Designs.

I’m so glad to be back!


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