The yarden

18 Jun

I have a tiny little yard at my house. No grass, which is delightful since I don’t really have any interest in cutting grass or dealing with lawnmowers at this point in my life. I have a block patio (really needs a lot of work and I have to be careful not to step funny and twist an ankle on it) with little planting areas. One in front of the kitchen, on in front of the girlie’s bedroom and a little border around the patio.

When we moved in the little planting areas were nothing more than weed pits. And HUGE weeds at that. I pulled them all up in front of the kitchen and the part that goes around the patio. This summer I wanted to get the other side done. Increase in rent is going to keep me from doing that. Last year we planted two mini-lilac bushes and some mums (one of my favorites) and some annuals. This year the mums are bigger than the lilacs, and the annuals came back. Well, the ones the squirrels didn’t eat. I don’t really get that one either, but hey, I’ll take it.

Now my problem is weeds are trying to take back over my little yarden (the girlie used to call the outside that when she was little). Weeds all over the block patio. And threatening to take over again. The other side that I didn’t attend to last year is becoming a jungle. So I’m doing some research on organic/green weed killers. Normally I would have just reached for the Roundup, but after learning about the evils of Monsanto I’ve decided to try to conquer this issue in another more respectably conscious manner.

So what do you all use? I’m reading vinegar is a good way to go, especially for the patio area where I don’t want anything growing anyway. Any tips or tricks?




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