I will not be a victim

29 Jun

Greetings all –

Lots of things are a’twirling around in my head. Good things, though, which is a nice change. I am entering into my second year of almost single girl living. I will write about the rental renewal process in another post soon. I am very content right now. Safely tucked into my quirky little house, day job is stable and almost entertaining some days, Blanket Statement is slow since it is summertime now and probably no one except me feels the need for a blanket. But I know there are things I need to be doing to promote it that I just haven’t gotten to yet. Happy Jack is officially back online and I am in the startup mode again with it….setting up Facebook, Twitter, networking, etc. Trying to get the word out. Things are good.

In the couple weeks I was waiting on news on the rent situation I did some introspection. Thanked my lucky stars and blessed my friends who have given me so much support. I made it through the first year on my own. There were some really scary weeks when I wasn’t sure how we were going to do it, but we did. I managed to get the boy’s trip to Washington DC paid off, the girl’s braces paid off, my car paid off, presents under the Christmas tree, and rent money in cash on the first of every month. I had people bless me with the things I needed – a couch, a BBQ grill and patio table, TV, bed for the girlie, my sister gave me a roasting pan so there will be no more silly antics of me with a naked boiled chicken. I had people send me goodies throughout the year…a package chock full of socks arrived one day. Right when I needed them. A box of books and writing tablets, artwork for my walls, gift cards, beautiful hand-made jewelry. Today a co-worker gave me a lottery ticket she bought for me over the weekend.

It really is amazing to look back at the love that was showered on me in my time of need. The emotional support, the financial support – and most of you I don’t even know personally. I’ve always been a very private person in real life. The behind the scenes girl. The one over on the edge of the party, with her back against the wall. Watching everyone else, but never uttering a word. That’s me. Kinda hard to believe for those of you that know me online. Here I’m mostly a chatterbox. I gotta say, I’m trying to integrate the two me’s. Trying to incorporate the confident online persona with the quiet, shy, reserved, no self esteem girl that exists in reality.

That’s my goal for this next year.

I will not be a victim of my self esteem any longer.

Thank you to all of you who are joining me on this journey. The road has been bumpy, but the view has been spectacular. I learn from you all each and every day.


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