All is well…

30 Jun

I am happy to report that all is well in the Land of Leslie.

I re-signed my lease over the weekend, giving me another year in my quirky little house. For those that missed it, you can read about my dilemma that was posted earlier this month. After I got the notice from the landlord, I wrote out a reply email that I really agonized over. Being no self esteem girl – it was almost excruciating to have to argue for what I thought was right. I can’t tell you how hard it was to push that send button.

But I did it. I outlined how I’ve paid the rent on time and in cash on the first of every month – never once being late. How I’ve improved the place by painting, replacing the door spring, the shower head, the light fixture, planting perennials and lilac bushes in the front, etc. And their complete lack of notice in springing a rent increase on me. That I was completely blindsided by it since two months before they asked me to stay on with no mention of any increase. I pushed send on my email and waited.

And waited and waited. I was starting to think I was going to be put out on the street. Which is kinda what prompted me to move out my house in the first place. (That, and sleeping on an air mattress in a room with ice on the walls.) I was afraid the sheriff was going to come and foreclose on the house and I’d come home to all of our belongings on the curb. I had a friend reassure me that even without a lease they couldn’t just throw me out on the curb. “Renters have rights, you know.” Actually, I didn’t really know. But luckily I didn’t have to find out.

I was contacted and they did rethink their increase. They came to do a walk through on Sunday, and didn’t even come further than the entryway. They saw how nice that was and said they didn’t need to see anything else. I am thrilled! Although I still think of having to write that email and the confrontation I feared and it still makes a knot in my stomach. I think self esteem is going to be a long time coming. Baby steps, I think. But I did stick up for myself. And I succeeded in my goal to stay put another year.

It may be quirky, but it is home.

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