Fourth of July Followup – Yippee skippee!

4 Jul


I was going through photos on my phone this morning as I took some awesome (or at least what I thought were awesome) photos of the sunset over the Chain O’ Lakes last night on our way to fireworks. The kids and I and kid 1’s boyfriend were invited out on the boat to watch the fireworks over Fox Lake. Yippee skippee I love boats almost as much as I love water!

Fireworks were awesome, but the sunset was something to see. Course, in looking at the photos on my sad little no-data-plan-not-so-smart phone you can’t really get a feel for the awesomeness. So in paging through the photos on my phone and reveling in just how odd they are as a set, I’ve decided to institute a “Random Phone Photo Friday” series here on the blog. At some point I will run out of photos from my phone, and I’m sure people would rather look at decent photos than just the grainy out of focus ones from my phone, but for starters, and because I got such a chuckle out of them and remembering the stories that went with the photos, we’ll start with phone photos.

And since I am one of those people who hates waiting for surprises, we’ll start with one today! Woot! Watch for the first installment of “Random Phone Photos” later today. And tune back in on Friday for another one. Unless of course, I come up with something else witty to write about in the meantime.



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