Random Phone Photo #1

4 Jul

Good afternoon and welcome to this very first installment of Random Phone Photos. I am going to make this a weekly feature – on Friday, because I like alliteration like that. And don’t worry, these won’t be long posts…just a random photo that I found and the odd story that goes with why I have this photo on my phone.

Let’s begin, shall we?

This is a friend I made in Cocoa Beach, Florida. A place I like to call the happiest place on earth. For me anyway. I thought for sure this was an albatross because he just would not go away. But upon internet search, we’ve deemed him to be just a run of the mill seagull. (Sky carp as we call ’em in Illinois). But he was just so charming and so likeable I took several photos of him. Kinda surprised he didn’t hitch a ride back home. Although why would one want to leave the happiest place on earth?


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