Show me the money! Grant Plans

7 Jul

As I’m sure you will tire of hearing – we were selected as a finalist in the IdeaCafe Small Business Grant competition. Winner gets $1000 cash grant and $500 in advertising. The $500 in advertising the three semi-finalists win would be superb, and the additional cash grant would be fabulous!!

Don’t forget to vote, if you haven’t already. Comments are welcome and do help us stay on the front page too.

So since I am going to be all positive thinking about this competition, let’s count all our chickens before the eggs hatch or however that saying goes.

One of the hallmarks of starting this company was to provide eco-friendly and made in the USA items. At least as many as I could find. It really isn’t easy finding anything made in the US anymore, and eco-friendly…yeah right. But I was able to find a few to offer at startup. And after extensive research of wholesalers and manufacturers I am pleased to say I know who I will be buying our blankets from.

The only issue? Money. Not a big surprise there. Most of you know my personal financial plight. I’m not hiding anything. I did take what little extra money I could scrape together personally to start Blanket Statements, and have recycled profits into the business. So we’re all good there, but it doesn’t allow for much expansion, or changes to the blankets we offer.

Winning $1000 could change that though!

So here is a little background on the companies I am itching to do business with.

NorthEast Fleece

NorthEast Fleece is located in Massachusetts and has over 36 years of experience in the outerwear industry. They were one of the original companies to use Polar Fleece. Over the years they have developed their own brand of fleece called LofTek 300 – the perfect blend of quality and value. NorthEast Fleece stands behind their craftsmanship and guarantees you won’t be able to find a better fleece blanket. LofTek 300 is a 300 wt. (15 oz) material that is thermal, machine washable, non-pilling, supersoft, hypo-allergenic and durable.

NorthEast Fleece even has a charitable giving program that I am going to see if we can utilize to help place even more blankets in shelters. I am looking at purchasing three types of blankets from NorthEast Fleece – the regular solid colored fleece blankets (available in a rainbow of beautiful colors), the micro sherpa blankets (again, beautiful colors), and the coral blankets which are those super soft thick yummy blankies.

Simply Home

Simply Home is a US manufacturer that blossomed out of the merger of two southern businesses. They started out as Simply Country, a small gift shop in Wytheville, Virginia. Two years later, a company called Weavetec started a commission weaving operation in South Carolina. In 1990 the two companies entered into a partnership which would be the basis for their expansion of their niche in the afghan industry. In 2002 the two companies merged and became Simply Home with manufacturing and weaving plants in South Carolina and Virginia.

Simply Home offers the beautiful woven afghans and Eco-friendly Eco2 Cotton throws currently offered by Blanket Statements. Additional funding will let us purchase additional styles in bigger quantities and offer more color choices. They also offer a beautiful American Flag afghan that I am hoping to offer very soon!

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