Small Business Grant – I’d like some of that!

7 Jul


So after my feature day on LaunchHER I start perusing the web like I always do…and remember the IdeaCafe Grant competition I signed up for eons ago. I hadn’t received an email or anything from them, but figured I would go find the link and check into it just in case. And besides it is really hot here in my little house and I couldn’t sleep. Found the link and saw that the entry period has passed and the first round of finalists would be announced July 1st. It being July 5th already I wondered what the deal was and figured since I hadn’t heard from anyone I probably didn’t make the cut.

IdeaCafe is a website for small business entrepreneurs that offers information, advice, forums, ideas, and grant funding information. It is open to all entrepreneurs, not just social enterprises, women, moms….everyone. There were a lot of entries for this grant. So imagine my surprise when I saw my profile listed! The competition is three rounds 50 finalists in each of the next three months. Blanket Statements is listed for the month of July. The business with the most votes each month wins $500 in advertising. The three monthly winners are then judged for the $1000 cash grant award.

It was great being judged so high on the Startup Nation competition for women in business, but it would be phenomenal to win some actual cash! Or even just the advertising in a national contest for small businesses. So please vote! And spread the word! We are currently in first place, but we have a long way to go! I don’t know that many people!


Next up, I’ll highlight what I would do with the money if we win!

One Response to “Small Business Grant – I’d like some of that!”

  1. sharewarmth July 7, 2011 at 6:19 PM #

    Hey what gives? Why is there a Checks Unlimited ad on my page?? That is weird…I don’t usually have ads, do I?

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