Random Phone Photo Friday!

8 Jul

This is my puppy Bean. She is a Boston Terrier or Boston Terrorist, as some may say. We bought Bean right after we moved into our big house. I promised the kids they could have a pet and a rabbit was the front runner in pet selection. But the more I thought about all the work that would go into having a bunny, I decided to give in and let the kids have a dog. It seemed to be just as much work and there was the payout of having a dog go fetch stuff and be useful as well as entertaining. Now that we’ve had Bean the puppy for almost 8 years I’m rethinking that useful part. She’s only entertaining.

Anyway, this is me visiting with Bean the puppy since I don’t have custody of my loopy dog. Darn landlords and rules! She is the best puppy ever though even if she won’t fetch or roll over or shake to save her life.


One Response to “Random Phone Photo Friday!”

  1. TG Bears July 9, 2011 at 1:12 PM #

    She is so cute. I think that the companion factor of a friendly face and always being pleased to see you is about is useful as it gets 🙂

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