13 Jul

Not to let a little storm keep us down (ok, it was quite a big one…800,000+ people out of power) I’m stealing a bit of 3G/battery time to write up my Wicked Web Wednesday post. At the time of writing this (Tuesday evening) I’ve been without power for 36+ hours already. Looks like the fridge/freezer is going to get cleaned out. And phooey, payday isn’t til Friday, so no groceries until then.

Treemaggedon is the best description I’ve heard yet of our little storm. One of the girl’s friends posted on Facebook that we’ve survived the snowpocolypse and treemaggedon of 2011. I stepped out of my house on Monday morning to go to work only to be met with what I was pretty sure was a tornado just hitting. No sooner did I get my laptop safely placed in the car then all havoc was unleased and leaves, and sticks, and then whole branches came flying past my head. I looked at the girl standing on the porch about to come down and yelled at her to go back in the house. I ran back in too and was met with flickering power. After about 10 minutes we ventured back outside, but again, the winds started up and the lightning was amazing. We saw tables from the restaurant at the end of the street go flying down the street. Felt the car rocking, saw lightning hit all around us. It was really something else. Trees fell across the roadways, traffic signals were all out. It was the worst and most widespread damage I’ve seen in a long time. Luckily we didn’t sustain any damage at either house, although I am still without power, as is the day job. Some of the school buildings are back up, but not all, nor my office.

So while we wait out this week, let’s all enjoy this fabulous animation I found eons ago. Not sure how I found it either, so I can’t really give anyone credit at this point. I just love the expressions on the pigeon!

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