Random Phone Photo Friday!

15 Jul

This blurry photo is brought to you by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This was taken a few months ago during a camping trip we took that simulated a vacation. We drove several hours west and ended up still in Illinois. But, not letting that deter us, we pitched a tent in a state park who’s name escapes me at the moment. We didn’t let the first night of rain get to us either. Although the continual downpour eventually did us in and we took refuge in a Barnes & Noble Bookseller.

The photo, however, is from the brief window of no rain when I told the kids “Let’s go exploring!” Only to be rewarded with blank stares like my head had exploded. After explaining to them that the reason state parks are there is because there is something rocking awesome going on in them was I able to convince them to join me. There are several more shots that look much more rocking awesome than this one, but this is one of the first. That is more green than you can shake a stick at. Literally.

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