Shakey Goodness and a Cakey Donut

21 Jul

Hello. Happy Thursday of what is probably the steamiest week I’ve ever had.

Sixteen years or so ago (it’s really too hot to do the math) I was 5-6 months pregnant with the girl. At the time we didn’t have air conditioning. I remember laying directly under the ceiling fan and thinking if I could make it through pregnancy with no AC, I could make it through anything. I was so young and naive then. lol

This week in Chicago we’ve had temps in the upper 90’s, heat index in the 100’s – which for those not in the know is basically like the wind chill calculation which takes into account the humidity. 90’s…100’s….at some point it just really doesn’t matter anymore. Hot is hot. My loved ones have decided to record the temperature in relation to my mood. The results are not good and I have decided that I suffer from bi-polar temperature disorder (BTD). (And trust me, when BTD and PMS coincide, it is not pretty.)

Keep in mind, cherished readers, that as a woman smack-dab in my middle 40’s, I’m no longer content to figure I’ll make it through this heat wave with no air conditioning. No air at home, no air in the car. The only solace I’m finding is the fact that my office (which is normally an ice box) is actually comfortable this week even in tank tops. And I say a little prayer every time I pass one of the public works guys chipping all those trees from Treemaggedon last week. Those men deserve some kind of prize. Hundred degrees and they are standing in the dust storm created by chipping up hundreds and hundreds of trees and branches.

I don’t have it that bad.

So I’d like to thank the universe, God, Mother Nature and whatever other powers that be that at least my windows still roll down and hundred degrees blowing past at 50 MPH is at least air movement.

Tonight, while the boy child has football camp (yes, you read that right, football camp at 97 degrees), the girl and I are sitting in the air conditioned library. She is sitting with a stack of books about 48 inches tall, and I am catching up on some web stuff for Blanket Statements and Happy Jack. But first, we decided to get some dinner which consisted of some shakey goodness and a cakey donut.

If that doesn’t make the week a whole lot better, I dunno what will.




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