Wicked Web Wednesday!

27 Jul

Earth 911 is a website that I believe I found through Twitter. I’ve discovered I have a deep seated love for Twitter I was completely unaware of. So many – I mean soooo many great tidbits of wisdom have been found through Twitter for me. Probably most of what I am posting on Wicked Web Wednesday I discovered through a 140 character blurb.

Earth 911 is a site for the latest in green news and lifestyle – lots of recycling and reuse ideas, and just great green earthy stuff. I like great green earthy stuff. So this particular post caught my eye for the coolio rain downspout catcher thing. (I really need to work on my word usage.) Someday when I have my own place I will have this, or something very similar that I rig up with duct tape. (In a nice way, not a tacky way). I also heart those rain barrels, but again, as a renter I have no place to put it, or the authority to make any modifications to my little house. But SOMEDAY watch out…I’m going to have all these great green things. Perhaps even food planted on my roof. You never can tell with me.


So check out this link, and peruse the rest of Earth911.com. Although chances are very good that I will post something else from this site soon.

I love the nature.

I have a lot of love.





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