Wicked Web Wednesday!

27 Jul

Kudos to my mom for this week’s edition of Wicked Web Wednesday. She tipped me off to this awesome place in Barrington, IL (for you locals). Norton’s USA is an old time General Store selling everything from clothing, housewares, toys, tools, pet supplies, to food. And, get this…it is stuff that is ALL MADE IN THE USA! Made in the USA…you read that right. Who knew such a place existed?


From personal experience, I can tell you it is almost as difficult finding items made in the USA in a store as it is finding food without high fructose corn syrup. I’ve done both. And had children rolling their eyes at me asking “isn’t it time to go YET…?” It doesn’t make for a fun afternoon. So hearing that there was a shop in relatively close driving range is super exciting!

I have emailed with Deborah, the owner of Norton’s USA asking if we could feature her shop, and she sounds like an absolutely delightful person. If you are in the area, please visit them in person (I will go as soon as I can get my bucket o’rust and duct tape pointed in that direction), or visit them online too!

Norton’s USA has a website, and a blog as well.

Gotta say, one of my favorite items online has gotta be the Magic Cape. I seriously want one of these.

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