Random Phone Photo Friday!

29 Jul

Perhaps some of you have these. If so, don’t rub it in and tell me. I went back to get them on clearance and they were no where to be found. Tear.

This photo is from a shoot I did in the local Menards store. My daughter and I have found the Menards supercenter we have in our new town to be almost as spectacular as Target. Meaning, we can literally spend hours in there. This time we found these delightful little light up cardinals for Christmas decorations. They are just so cute and sweet, although at first glance, one was missing a wing which was quite disturbing. I performed the successful reattachment surgery while she covered her eyes.

I loved ’em but $27 for light up cardinals was too rich for my blood. Perhaps I will run into those little cardinals again at a church rummage sale or flea market. One can still dream…


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