Random Phone Photo Friday!

12 Aug


Oh sure…my random phone photo selector has chosen yet another photo of pure evil. This charmer loves to torment me at work. That is the railing on the patio outside my sliding door. I also have chipmunks, which I wrote about previously. The famous flower-pot-swimming-chipmunks. I don’t mind chipmunks. They are rather cute. Although they do yell. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that they don’t.

I have been known to put out food for the chipmunks. An occasional hand full of peanuts, a burger king whopper bun, etc. But one time while I was happily watching the little chipmunk antics of trying to stuff their faces with a ginormous bun, this huge monsterous evil thing decided to crash the food fest. Seriously, next to a chipmunk, squirrels are huge. And totally unwelcome. Go home squirrel. Go home.



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