Wicked Web Wednesday!

31 Aug

So by now you should be expecting something creative to come out of Wicked Web Wednesday. I love new ideas, especially things that combine creativity with recycling, reusing. I mean, why not make use of all those “things” we seem to have? Maybe your “thing” has already served its purpose. So figure out another way to use it. I guess I kind of liken it to discovering that I have a whole ‘nother purpose in life that I didn’t know about.

So this week’s Wicked Web Wednesday is no different…a great creative use for something that might otherwise just be discarded.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I do kind of cringe at the thought of tampering with a book. I was brought up with the saying “books are your friends.” Took that a little too seriously though, and didn’t really have the real people friends, but books were a good stand in. And quite frankly, being told to highlight passages in books in college almost pushed me over the edge. Highlighter in books? What were they thinking?!

So, it is with a little trepidation, as well as admiration, that I share this beautiful website with instructions on how to make these Book Birdhouses. Visit the Red Hen blog for this project that you can make with books destined for the recycler. I’m definitely going to try this one with the girly girl. As soon as I find a book I can part with.




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