Random Phone Photo Friday!

2 Sep

This is the sign at the oil change place. I took this photo because I need to get the transmission fluid changed. Or some fluid. I’m not sure. I’m not really a car person. I think they ought to have some kind of handyman service that takes care of that stuff for you. And that you can call to kill a ginormous hairy spider if you have one of those. And to teach you how to use a gas grill. Those are things I would consider paying money for.

I have a 1999 Nissan Quest mini van. I bought it used when I rejoined the workforce back in 2005. We were down to one car in the family and I just rode my bike everywhere with the kids when we needed to go anywhere. And that was saying something since we lived in a new subdivision in the middle of no where. Not even a restaurant to get food. But we were able to maneuver our way across town to get to the swimming pool and library. Everyone must have their priorities, don’t ya know.

So 1999 Nissan Quest is on its last leg. There is a rather large rust-hole in the passenger side door that I keep putting duct tape over to hold it together. But every day more and more pieces of the door fall on the pavement in a little rusty pile. No AC, no clock, very few inside lights still work, speedometer mostly indicated “0” even when highway driving. Windshield is broken, power windows are iffy, but it is ALL MY CAR! Paid that sucker off this year. WOOOOOT! I got wheels!

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