Wicked Web Wednesday!

14 Sep

I can’t believe I forgot last week. Doh! I thought I had a plethora of posts all scheduled and ready to go, but no, I was mistaken. And seriously, what is my major malfunction with the scheduling thing? Have I mentioned I have issues with time – space – and distance? Eastern time, central time, military time, clock time. Sheesh…too much to keep straight. So therefore, my posts could show up at any time, and most probably NOT the time I thought they would.

Today’s happy happy joy joy Wicked Web Wednesday post is about one of my all-time favorite games…SCRABBLE! I admit, I am kind of an English language geek. Rather than play with the neighborhood kids, when I was little I used to sneak behind the chairs in the living room and curl up with the dictionary or the 1973 version of the World Book Encyclopedia.

Now, I don’t believe we owned a Scrabble board when I was growing up. We had the original Battleship (still have), Candyland, Monopoly, Uncle Wiggly (still have, and everyone makes fun of it, much to my dismay), and my all time favorites – Cooties, Ants in the Pants and Don’t Spill The Beans. I’d always wanted the game Trouble with that ever fun popping bubble thing with the dice in it. I did buy myself that one last Christmas. Wrapped it up and put it under the tree for me, I did.

But anyway, I discovered Scrabble as a married person. And then discovered it on Facebook. WOOOOOT! Love it!! I’ve been known to have as many as 15 games going at a time before my friends get tired of it and forget to take their turns and the games just forfeit. But I do so love playing Scrabble online that I invite each and every one of you to play me. Come on, play me!

So when I saw this fabulous idea I knew that someday I would have this for my own. Again, not any time soon by the looks of it as I would need an actual patio that I could do cool stuff to, but someday. And please, for goodness sake, if you love this as much as I do and make one of your own, please send pics!!

Go read up on how they make it in the online version of Sunset Magazine entitled Great Garden Features – Backyard Scrabble




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