Random Phone Photo Friday

14 Oct

I’ve been a’slackin lately with the posts. I ran out of pre-scheduled posts so I’m going to take this opportunity to try to write up a couple.We can entitle this one  “Mums – My Favorite Flower.  When they are small and cute and not threatening to take over the free world.


So last year – the first year in my humble little rental abode – I cleared out all the weeds that inundated my garden area and did some landscaping. I planted a couple little burning bushes, some pampas grass, some dusty miller, and my favorites – mums. Keep in mind – I have little to no money most of the time, so this landscaping was done on the major cheap. Like tiny little plants cheap. I’m wishing that I took a photo of it after I planted. Because for some reason…


…my tiny little landscaping has been over-run by ginormous mutant mums! I swear I have no idea how this occurred. I’m pretty sure mums don’t just start eating patio furniture on their own. I’m wondering if a neighbor has been force feeding my mums miracle grow or something. And this photo is from BEFORE they bloomed. They got even bigger!


The mums are so big now that they have fallen over in the middle. So it looks like there is a wolf den or something about that size that could nicely fit in the hole left by the mum branches falling over. Yes, I said branches. My mums are much more like bushes now than flowers. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure where the burning bushes are. They have both been overwhelmed by the mums. I can see the very top of one of them peeking out from the midst of the mums.



They are gorgeous though, aren’t they? And aren’t you glad I figured out that I could clean the recessed lens on my phone? Nicer now, huh?



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