Wicked Web Wednesday!

19 Oct

You know I’m quite fond of the whole recycling, repurposing, upcycling, remaking, redoing, 2nd chancing thing going on now. So I love to post about new websites I find with amazing artisans who make cool stuff. Case in point:

Erin Gursslin’s Sunshyne Silverwear website of Recycled Spoon Pendants and more! Recycled spoons?? Awesome! What a great idea. Once upon a time, on a trip out west I bought a rocking awesome fork necklace. I should take a pic of it although it is badly tarnished now. I will shine it up and take a pic soon. Not sure who made it, but I love it! Getting back to Erin…

These are baby spoons! Yes, baby spoons! Hand decorated and can be used for baby shower gifts. How perfect! And adorable! They can be purchased in sets of 15 and include little pillow boxes to give to your guests. Check these out here.

Totally gorgeous…and priced right too. Check out Erin’s work at Sunshyne Silverwear – these would make great unique handcrafted and eco-friendly gifts this holiday season!

P.S. I love that she calls herself an “Eco-preneur”.


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