Happy Halloweeeeenie!

31 Oct

I love Halloween. Love love love it. This Halloween hasn’t been nearly as fun as the old days though. I just loved it as a kid and I loved it when my kids were little. Now that they are “old” it has lost a bit of its luster. I do have three big pumpkins outside my house, but no one carved them this year. And we don’t really have any other decorations up either. Maybe next year.


And I can’t believe I don’t have any Halloween pics on my computer of my kids dressed up in their younger years. I have an entire Halloween photo album (that’s how much I love Halloween) but not one on my computer that I could throw on a blog post. Again, maybe next year.


Another thing missing this year is the annual competition that Grayslake used to put on for the public entities to carve pumpkins based on a theme. Not sure what happened, perhaps bad economy, but no pumpkin contest this year.  So since I am completely empty handed, I’m going to post what I do have…pictures from the pumpkin contest of years past.


This was the 2006 entry for the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. We won First Place – Most Creative for this one and it was my first entry representing the Instructional Services Center of the school district where I work for my day job.



This one was 2007 and the theme was Country Western. We didn’t do so well this time around, but I thought I did a most unusual theme. Most others were cowboys.


2008’s theme was Under the Sea. This time I made an oyster with pearl inside and the gourd octopus on top. This year I finished a little too early and we were starting to get “ucky” looking by the time the judging took place.


The theme for 2009 was Zoo Animals, I think. I can’t remember, actually. This year was Apple’s release of the Snow Leopard operating system, and being that I was representing the technology department of the school district, I went with that as my entry. I really enjoyed working on this pumpkin – although, in making those whiskers I cut a chunk out of one of my fingers. Was contemplating stitches, but it healed up pretty well. You can still see the scar and I have a lump there, but it was worth it. I loved this pumpkin.


2010’s theme was Harry Potter and I made Hedwig, Harry’s owl. I liked this one a lot since the stem of the pumpkin made a perfect bird beak. Lots of painting and gluing involved in this one and I’m still finding feathers at home. This one also won First Place – Most Creative, which to me is what I always aim to win.

So this year, there is no contest. No pumpkins were dropped off at the “day job.” I missed doing it. Maybe next year.

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