Welcoming November

1 Nov

Really late with my post tonight – kids needed the computer. Such is the life of a social entrepreneur with a day job and two kids. So this month, since the holiday season is fast (and I mean really fast!) approaching, I wanted to share with you a month of great shopping ideas. Stuff that not only makes a great gift, but gives back in some way too. After all, isn’t it a better world when people share?


Today, though, I’d like to share one of the groups I follow on Twitter and Facebook. Give to Get Jobs is actually a source for employment opportunities with social enterprises.  For profit jobs that give back. A great idea in this economy, and a good idea in general.

So today, I saw a post from them for a book giveaway that promoted their new social enterprise database. Me thinks, I’d like a book about social enterprises! Never can have enough books, or opportunities to learn a new trick. So I took a look. The contest was simple, like their Facebook page, browse through their social enterprise database, and comment on which social enterprise is your favorite. Done. Us! We’re listed in there! I picked a backup company as well, who I will write about in a couple days. But the point is, they have compiled a rocking awesome database of social enterprises! And as far as I know, the only one!

So today, we start with Give to Get Jobs’ database of social enterprises. When you have time, peruse the pages. You’ll be amazed at the goodness that exists. And probably find a few new favorite places to shop. Be sure to share what your favorites are!



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