November Shopping Extravaganza

2 Nov

I just love love love this new company I was tipped off to! Love! Really really love! SO CUTE!!

As you know, I work at a school district for my “day job” and I work on the website in addition to other various duties. Yesterday I was asked to post about a fundraiser one of the schools was having. I think they even did this last year, but I never got the info to post, so I wasn’t sure what the deal was. So they sent me an ad to post and I knew right away I would be purchasing some cuteness from this website! One of our K-4 buildings is using this company for a fundraiser and I do have info on how to purchase to benefit the school, although it looks as though you can also order outright on the website. As much as I try to purchase items that benefit others, these bags fulfill my other passion – eco-friendliness!

My girlie marked something on just about every page that she liked. (Which is secretly what I was going for in showing it to her, since her birthday and Christmas are coming up.) I, on the other hand am having a really difficult time trying to decide what to get. And what pattern to get. Oooooooh the choices!

I think this one might be my favorite. I love swirls and it has a red croc lining! Saweeet! So this bag, while made in china – not my favorite deal – is made of 10-40% post consumer content which makes them super strong. And they are great for lugging groceries, lugging books, lugging piles of acorns…the list could go on and on. One of the other items I really liked was their reusable sandwich bags! They are even dishwasher safe! Which would be great if I had a dishwasher!

But seriously. Cute stuff. A really nice fundraiser for schools. Check them out, suggest them to your PTO organizations. And yes, any of these would make a lovely holiday gift for me. Bwahahahahaha……

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