Inspirational Words

4 Nov

I really should keep better track of how I run across things. Again, not sure how I found these guys, but a delightful email from Sam at Give More lands in my inbox occasionally. Right when I need a reminder, actually. Funny how that works.

From the website: We’re here to encourage and reinforce the fact that life is about contribution first. If we work with this in mind (professionally and personally), we’ll make our world a better place for others and ourselves.

The website features all sorts of inspirational items from books and videos to training programs and promotional items like Tshirts, mugs and more. One of my favorites is in the section called Love Your People®.

The Love Your People® category has posters, decals, buttons, magnets and my favorite, this white T-Shirt for $14.95. It features a small logo on the front and the eight fundamentals of loving your people on the back – contribute, be kind, be patient, be honest, encourage people, apologize, forgive, thank people.

Love Your People®.

Something we all need to remember in these trying times.

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