What Retailers Are You Supporting?

7 Nov

With money being at an absolute minimum for us this holiday season I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where to purchase gifts. In the past years I’ve become more and more aware of where my dollars are going, and I’m not always wild about it. It is time to make a change, which is why I’m focusing November’s blog posts on gift ideas from small independent artisans, local retailers, social enterprises, and even big corps who are proving to have a heart.

That being said, I was thrilled to find this group earlier this year – LaunchHER is a small women owned company who supports other women owned businesses. LaunchHER did a feature on Blanket Statements back in early July, so when I got an email from them about their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide I jumped on the opportunity to be included and it is my first actual paid ad that I’ve placed for Blanket Statements. I feel very strongly about supporting other women in their journey – business ladies included.

Please visit the Gift Guide and check out these women-owned businesses. Beautiful items that you won’t find at the mall.


One Response to “What Retailers Are You Supporting?”

  1. EcoHomeStore November 7, 2011 at 4:57 AM #

    I checked out their link & it looks like some great items. I certainly want to lend my support for these female entrepreneurs as well as you guys. I think that these beautifully made items are so much nicer than the mass produced items being shipped in here from abroad. I hope that you folks have a good holiday sales season. I know we are praying for one as well. We’re coming up on our first anniversary and this has definitely been an adventure. Best of luck in the coming month.

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