The Eco Home Store

9 Nov

One of my favorite places to peruse…The Eco Home Store. Shelley Martinez, and her sister Donna Joe started their business about the same time we did, and we “met up” through a couple different groups, Linked In being one of them. They are two working moms who saw the need for an online solution to showcase affordable eco-friendly products. They select only products that come from ethical and environmentally responsible vendors.

Like this one: the Solid Color Bamboo Muffler. Bamboo? Yes, bamboo! 100% natural bamboo available in 8 colors. I also love their new section Neat Little Green Things™. There you’ll find great gift items under $25 each! Cool, innovative green products that most people have not seen. Great stocking stuffers too!

How about a Cork Coffee Cuff? Save a few trees! It’s the perfect solution to those disposable paper dealies you get at those big name coffee houses. These are stylish, completely reusable and made from cork fabric. Fits most standard size coffee cups and has an incredible smooth, warm and pliable – almost leather-like feel. And here’s my favorite’s machine washable!!

Be sure to visit the Eco-Home Store today and check out all of their other great gift ideas. Check out their blog “Living Green” too for educational posts on living eco-friendly and the products they feature.

You can also find my friends Shelley and Donna on Facebook and Twitter too.

Happy Holidays!


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