Rethink Buying

14 Nov

I love this tagline. I seriously think this is the wave of the future. Instead of profits to CEOs, purchase products that make a difference to the world. Anyway, check out this social enterprise:



Smile Squared‘s goal is to offer practical, sustainable solutions to help improve the overall health and educational needs of children around the world. At Smile Squared your purchase protects the envoronment and, most importantly, helps children in need.


Smile Squared’s toothbrushes are handcrafted with a bamboo handle and are sold in biodegradable packaging. The handles are also biodegradable. You can purchase either adult or child sized toothbrushes with the buy one, give one option, or donate both toothbrushes!

I just love finding other companies that do the one-for-one model. Shame on me for not knowing that this business model was out there before I started Blanket Statements. It has truly been an accidental learning process, but I am so heartened to know that what I knew to be good in my heart is also in the hearts of others.

Visit Smile Squared on the web. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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