Alchemy Goods….Good Stuff!

22 Nov

Woot! Another shopping post! This time I’m featuring Alchemy Goods – a social enterprise based in Seattle Washington.


Alchemy Goods specializes in recycled bags and accessories – turning useless into useful. They take inner tubes, advertising banners, seat belts and more and turn them into rocking awesome bags and wallets. All of the materials are sorted, cut, cleaned and prepped in their Seattle workshop. Then bags are then assembled in a sewing shop in the neighborhood. How cool is that? They even give factory tours!

This is my favorite item they have: the Ad Bag. $35 for a large and gorgeous bag made from what they call advertising banners, but I’m pretty sure we call billboards. No two are the same, and check out the handles! Seat belts with inner tube supports.

I love the graphic look. And the fact that you can throw it in a washing machine. Super durable and super easy to take care of. Love love love it!

Visit Alchemy Goods and see all the other coolio stuff they have available. Remember, support companies that are making a difference rather than a huge CEO payout. There are responsible people and companies out there!!



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