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I miss you, dear friend

4 Apr

I lost a dear friend over the weekend. We’d only met in person once, but she was a person who came into my life like a ball of fire and left an enormous hole that I’m not sure will be filled again.


When I joined the “innerwebs” as she used to put it, it was a new thing. I sold stuff on auction sites. And once I found ebay I discovered I still had this love of Fisher Price toys. The Little People. Friends who are always smiling. And through Fisher Price I met Dania. We belonged to an e-group – long before the days of Facebook and social media. She was this wacky chick with a sharp sense of humor. We immediately hit it off. The more we chatted we discovered that we were like long lost sisters.

I don’t know for sure when we first met up, but it was sometime around 1997. We both had newborns. She lived in Virginia, but complained about it a lot as she was a Canadian native. We had the best of times, all online. We stayed up together on New Year’s Eve in 1999 to see if the world would end. Or computers would crash. Neither happened. But we had a blast. My soon to be ex-husband was none too pleased.

He used to call my fellow Fisher Price peeps my “imaginary friends.” But I’ve never been a very social girl. I’ve had one or two friends at a time, but as people do, they go in and out of your life. My imaginary friends, though, have been there for me. Dania in particular. Dania was the first person I told about my “situation” at home. She encouraged me to stand on my own. She listened to me. She was a wonderfully strong woman.

My dear friend Dania left behind a loving husband, two teenagers and an adorable baby girl. She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her. Including me. I can see the smirk on her face and feel her rolling her eyes at me.

Goodbye Dania. I miss you more than you could possibly know.


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