Blanket Statements (the website) really started probably 40-some years ago. You see, I have this affinity for blankets. Not really sure when it started, but I’ve always had one around. I still have my baby blanket too – a dear old tattered and torn friend tucked away safely in a drawer. And I’m pretty sure blankets are attracted to me like magnets. I can’t seem to walk past them in stores without one (or a couple) finding their way into my cart.

Not sure what it is about them…the textures, the colors – they all have little personalities. (ok, I know – don’t assign human qualities to inanimate objects. I’m working on that.) But in the last several years I started to realize why I love them so much. It is that comfort and warmth. Living in Chicago (especially during the winter) you need some warmth! (6 degrees outside as I’m typing this.) And going through emotional crisis you need some comfort! Having a blanket around me means more than just covering up my chilly toes…it provides me with a sense of “allrightness”. That while things may be tough right now, tomorrow is another day. Another chance for joy.

So that started the premise of Blanket Statements. Providing blankets for others to purchase and enjoy as much as I do, AND providing another blanket to someone who needs that comfort. I know there are lots and lots of people in the world who are needy, and could use the donation. But for me, to make this work I had to put limits on the idea. Instead of a general website offering many goods I chose to concentrate on my favorite…the blanket. And instead of donating to everyone, I chose to select women’s shelters. I had been told in the past that I had a pea brain – so I kept it easy, even for me. Buy a blanket, and another one goes to a women’s shelter.

Me? I’m a soon to be single mom. Married for almost 20 years, I am now living on my own. Starting over. Building new relationships, and really enjoying life. Every day is a new experience, and while they aren’t always good, I’m learning to stop fighting what is and just let it be. It’s working out rather well, so far.

Thanks for reading. Do you need a blanket? I think you do!


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