Our Story


I’ve always loved blankets. And helping people. It only seemed natural to pair them up.

Blanket Statements was born out of a time of turbulence in my life. Blankets have always been a passion of mine, and during some tough times I was relieved to be able to curl up in a comfy chair with a warm and snuggly blanket. Reminiscent of a childhood security blanket, having that warm, soft fabric encircling me made me feel a bit better. I wanted to share that feeling with other women who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

There were times when I contemplated leaving in the night – with nothing but my kids. I was scared. I curled up with my blanket. I was lucky enough to be able to move out on my own eventually. Yet I knew how alone and scared women feel in that situation. So I started Blanket Statements to make sure women at least have a blanket of their own when they arrive at a shelter. A blanket that includes a card with an uplifting statement attached to it from someone who cares.

I struggle every day with low self esteem. I want other women to know they are not alone. And something as simple as a kind word can help them get through the day. I know it helps me.

The concept is simple: Get a blanket, give a blanket – help a woman in need. Share warmth, comfort and love.


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